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Cupfest Delivers Another Win for The Montana Cannabis Community

Joey Clams hanging out at the Tasty Waves Hash tent.

Shelly and Erin Crobar (Montana HempFest, Missoula 420 Block Party) have hit another home run with CupFest—a 3 day music, glass, and cannabis festival that took place at Lolo Hot Springs last weekend. Tasty Waves Hash and our partners at Urban Farmer were lucky enough to help sponsor the smokefest, and while all eyes were on the Judges tents, the public was allowed to participate in consuming the best that Montana cannabis companies had to offer. A true people's choice. Tasty Waves was also letting rip on its own “best of” inside the Tasty Hash Lounge, and we appreciate everyone that came through to vibe with us. Check out the photos from last weekend’s epic event. If you happened to miss us there or you just want to catch the wave again, be sure to come see us at the Montana State Hempfest happening Sept 8-10th.

Tasty Waves Crey giving out hash dabs to Cupfest event members.
Serving up hash at Cupfest, Lolo Hotsprings MT

Last Updated:

July 7, 2023

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